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my home city

it is cold these days here. it is -20C. Gooosh.but i love winter with its sparkling snow,red noses, morning cold steam,drawings on the window.

it is 5 months since our wedding today.

i use my FED mostly. im in deep love with it.



some moments

just some moments from this December. i spend much time in the trains( Vito is still in a business trip and i feel very lonely. the only thing that makes me happy is my FED and photos taken by it.

waiting for christmas holidays

i’m home.waiting for christmas and you.

drinking much coffee and taking b&w pictures by FED.

at mom’s place

this picture was taken at mom’s kitchen. she loves washing the diches staring into the window. the plant in the right corner blossoms only in December.


this is my husband Vito. he is actually Viktor, but i call him this way. he is in Pau, France now. usual business trip.i feel very lonely without him. our apartment looks so empty without our laughing.


i got my first film camera FED 5B a week ago. im crazy about it.and i love the pictures taken by it. this is my best friend Anton.



welcome to my wordpress page. here im planning to share with my daily stuff. im living in Tyumen, city in Siberia. now we’ve got a magnificant winter. i am at work at the moment. and here i am)